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Along with SSTech LLC mission, a core emphasis is placed on establishing a unique interpersonal relationship with our clients. Our mission is accomplished by recognizing, implementing, and executing simple, but specific principles:

Innovative management approach in order to meet and exceed our client’s expectations.

  • Commitment to client satisfaction.
  • Upholding the highest standards of professional ethics and industry expertise.
  • Maintaining flexibility and versatility towards dynamic clientele.
  • Personal, immediate response to both client’s and employee needs.
  • Dedication to supplying high quality, cost effective solutions for all your IT needs.

SSTech LLC was founded in 2008 . The goal of this new management style was to focus on project development and IT consulting.


SSTech LLC was founded in 2008 . The goal of this new management style was to focus on project development and IT consulting.SSTech LLC was founded in 2008 . The goal of this new management style was to focus :

ERP Solutions and Support

It may not be the same process and needs that one company is having when compared to others. It needs a great effort to satisfy and smoothly manage the unique needs your company hasLet it be the application integration or any back office functions in terms of technology, human resource management or any other services ERP has a role,it is the perfect ERP evaluation and implementation that regenerates the performance of a company by managing the operations effectively.To get a tangible ROI and the anticipated results regardless of the industry you are operating in, there must be a strong support from skilled experts who are outstanding enough in providing ERP software solution.In essence,get the right decisions at the right time, get it deployed effectually, and manage all the operations effort free. Everything within your affordability at the level of convenience you wish.

Web Application Development

We cater to all sectors, the industrial, technology, power, real estate and most industries depending on IT applications. Our style of providing service includes overall diligence of the entire application framework, to ensure that all loose ends are tightened, and wherever necessary, do away with redundant and taxing elements from the entire system. This includes all areas such as knowledge management, data base analysis, feedback analysis, internal usability survey, transition management, compliance to service level agreements, etc. Contact Infocognize today to see how you can turn issues such as system downtime, redundancy, and sluggishness into manageable entities with solutions that will reduce the overall loss caused by them.

Mobile Application

Application development- with no doubt is going to bring more prospects to the business. At the same time, an application failure or an unexpected downtime can make you frustrated to the same extent as well. So, having a reliable partner who can understand your needs and who can develop it extra ordinarily within your limit of affordability is quite essential. There comes SSTech to take your business to the best standards.There is no scope for restrictions at SSTech. Rather we bring more flexibility to build the best business applications based on Mobiles. Integrating all our experience in distinct domains, we extend our services to System Integration, Quality Assurance, Software Testing and many more.It is the experienced professionals and their constant effort with the advanced technologies such as Java, Drupal, PHP, Magneto, .Net and many more which makes us capable of delivering the results that meet the customer expectation by defeating all those challenging IT problems.

Contract Consulting and Staffing

The services we offer are manifold and diverse, because we have the knowledge and experience to handle IT services consulting, no matter how complex or unique. We offer services in all areas. We also offer services in IT Staffing. Here, we cherry pick consultants who can add value to our clients’ work force and give them the results they expect, whether over the long-term or in the short-term. Our innovative techniques help to source the best talent with required skill sets, next generation trends and emerging technologies. We also undertake Project Based Staffing where we take on the entire responsibility of the entire process of screening, interviews and final recruitment of consultants on specific projects while our clients maintain day-to-day responsibilities of project management.

Business & System Analysis

An analytical framework that involves analysing organisations as systems or the process of systematically and objectively gathering information about business systems and subjecting that information to formal analysis. This includes identifying broad organisational goals and supporting business areas and processes, and business process definition and decomposition. The process of business systems analysis involves identifying and then examining the component parts of an organisation, in order to gain information about how the organisation functions and the relationships between various tasks, jobs, people, structures and other elements. BSA projects can lead to enhanced organisational performance by improving the way work is done in an organisation. For example, available resources can be linked more directly to the aims and goals of the organisation; similarly information systems can function more effectively if they are more closely linked with the institution’s day-to-day work.

Quality Assurance Solutions

Software Testing Solutions (SSTech LLC) is a specialist in Software Quality Management within the global IT industry. SSTech provides expert services and custom solutions in terms of Software Quality Assurance. Quality Management is SSTech's core business. This positions SSTech as an independent and expert provider within the industry which allows SSTech to be at the top of innovation within the industry and subsequently the number one choice across many large corporate organisations. SSTech is a trusted source for expert skill high performance teaming models, managed services, quality solutions and delivery “first time-right”. SSTech utilises best of breed People, Process and Technology to administer cutting edge services and solutions. These services and solutions have been successfully deployed in various industries, some of which include Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Telecommunications, Health, and Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle/SAP/Microsoft). SSTech has developed a world class service offering through continuous innovation, research and development. SQAMM(Software Quality Assurance Maturity Management) enables SSTech to provide end-to-end quality management services to assist organisations in benchmarking and elevating maturity towards an effective quality governance strategy across system implementations and development lifecycles.

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